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another bullshit anti-soy milk ad from the dairy industry. i’d rather drink evaporated cane juice than pus any day.

I’d rather drink the blood of the people working in the dairy industry than milk. 

I’m not a fan of soy milk but I don’t get this ad… what’s wrong with evaporated cane juice? 

I have to remind myself that the dairy industry must be getting really scared if this is what they are resorting to.  Otherwise I may punch a whole through a wall.

And since we are doing this.

I would rather drink pee than milk.


Come at me.

Yes, because milk is somehow better when it was stolen from another species who experienced the forced manipulation of her own reproductive system, and grief at the loss of her kidnapped and murdered children. Yes, that must be the taste and benefits missing from non-dairy milks. 

Oh, dairy industry, give it up. You are dying, and I will happily shit on your grave if I ever have the pleasure of witnessing your demise. 

…so this add says that a sweetener is the ‘big bad’ thing about soy milk?  O.o

People… get very angry about ‘milk’. 

So this ad says that you have to sweeten soya milk for it to be drinkable. So what? Normal milk sure tastes better (normal 100% milk, not that semi-skinned/skinned coloured water forced at peoeple from every direction), but some people can’t drink it. I can’t. Soya milk that leaves me with. Thank God for that cane sugar in itXD

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    lol because the only real milk that exists is COW’s milk apparently.WHAT ABOUT HUMAN MILK YA’LL. And isn’t milk...
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    someone please make the same thing with the “ingredients” of real milk!!!!
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    Only a matter of time before someone tells me how bad and unnatural soy,almond,rice milk is for me. “I SAW SOME WORDS ON...
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    This makes me want soy milk. Who wouldn’t like a drink and a puzzle in one?
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    wow, what a terrible attempt by the dairy industry. Seriously. Terrible! Cane juice is one of the better forms of sugar...
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    They’re scared. lawl.
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    wow, dairy. wow.
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    cane juice is fucking bomb though?
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    do these ads make anyone else really pissed off? especially the commercials..
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    I pointed this out guys. I pointed this out and no one listened to me.
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    People… get very angry about ‘milk’. So this ad says that you have to sweeten soya milk for it to be drinkable. So what?...
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