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Cutting hair short “just because” and changing hairstyles frequently is a sign of fickleness, and that is inherently unattractive. That’s why short hair is often seen on little girls and little teenage hipster chicks and riotgrrl punx because they haven’t matured to be able to take care of their own appearance.

Something as simple and easy as having long, flowing, beautiful and sexy hair is a sign of integrity and being able to stick to one thing for quite a while, something that most people lack in this day and age. It’s a sign of maturity and adulthood.

There’s also something really sensual about long, untamed, naturally grown hair. Seeing it is like an instant connection to nature and earthiness and humanness, if you’re into that spiritual hippie stuff. I am, if only a little bit.

Now I’m not saying that a sexy girl can’t look sexy with short hair (because she’s already sexy regardless), but I think a woman looks like a woman when she has long hair. Long hair is a signifier of maturity and womanliness.

Enough said.

Coming from a long haired girl, go fuck yourself. 

At first I was angry but then I read “simple and easy” describing the maintenance of long hair and just started laughing

I’m a strong female character who don’t need no hair.

reading this made me so angry omg

I’m laughing so hard because, no, cutting one’s hair short means NOTHING aside from the fact that, hey, someone wants to cut their hair short! Having short hair actually AGED me, so this “maturity and womanliness” thing? No. That means shit. You can have long hair and look like you’re fucking 14 (which I’ve been mistaken for enough times thanks) or look like you’re a mature woman or hell even look like a boy with long hair wow imagine that!

If someone judges your ‘maturity and womanliness’ on the length and style of your hair, they need to go fuck themselves.

Also, when your mother is a beautician and you get all this shit done for free constantly changing one’s hairstyle has little to do with being fickle and more to do with the fact that I can just get it done if I want it done without having to pay an arm and a leg and that I want a god damn change and HAIR IS JUST HAIR if you don’t like a particular style it’ll grow the fuck back out or you can redye it, geeze.

It makes me laugh when I read this kind of logic, long hair = maturity? It has to be some new kind of trolling, because this is illogical no matter from what angle you look at.

Also, coming from a woman with more than half of her head shaved off, I have no problems with being recognized as a ‘serious mature woman’ (whatever connotations it has in this particular aspect) when it’s necessary, pfft.

No, no, wait, it makes sense! (I mean, kind of :D) You don’t get the genius hiding behind this tought here MS!

In loooong ago medieval times/whateva it was like that:

Long hair = YEY, you are lucky enough to live past your teens! Means you’re mature anough to have kids and cows and stuff >:D (guys wore them long too in some places) 

Short hair = Boo, you are still a kid, and can still die in famine or some other plague D:< Not cool at all, no kids and no cows for you. :[

Which means: 



How… how was I living all these years without this knowledge? O_O 

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